1. Select the size for your hand

2. Select your preferred finish

3. Select your preferred colour

How to select the size

We recommend that the average male would benefit from a “Standard” size grip with ladies and juniors benefiting from a “Undersize” grip. The design of the grip is based on the average size of a male hand being 7.4” long and 3.3” wide and ladies being 6.7” long and 2.9” wide. The underside of each of the grips is specially designed to fit perfectly across the palms of your hands.

What are the two finished available?

You can choose from Silicon/Chamois or PU (Polyurethane), both feel amazing in your hands and it is down to pure preference.

Silicon/Chamois Skin–The feel is amazing and soft to the touch but at the same time offers a very solid grip. This is down to the amazing skin on the grip that incorporates uniformed dimples along its length.

PU Skin –A more traditional feel and finish but unmistakably comfortable and very durable. For those who like the traditional appearance.

Finally, choose your favourite colour

Silicone/Chamois –You can choice from 12 amazing colours in the “Standard” size and 5 vibrant colours in the “Undersize”.

PU Skin - There are two colours available (Black & Red) in both the “Standard” & “Undersize” grips.

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Standard-Sized Grips
Proceed to selecting your preferred skin
Undersized Grips
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